The High Computer​[​demo]

by Longhare

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Petra Morse
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Petra Morse This is wonderful stuff, like a cup of good tea. It's wholesome and fulfilling. Favorite track: The High Computer[demo].
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mAnarchist Catchy, doomy heavy metal with a great singer. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. Favorite track: Come Heavy Sleep[demo].
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The High Computer is the first official recording by Longhare. Demo was performed and recorded live in Boro's studio in Rijeka, Croatia. Out of five songs that appear on The High Computer demo each carries a flavour of its own, ranging from pure down-trodden doom and early heavy rock sound to in-your-face heavy metal tunes Knife Fight! and Warpers. Lyrically, the songs share a taste for darker and gloomier approach while at the same time retain the cheer and liveliness of accompanying riffs and melodies, as heard in Greenhead or Come Heavy Sleep.


released February 22, 2014

Gojo (guitar), Srle (guitar), Starac (bass guitar), Teo (vocals), Vinko (drums)



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Longhare Rijeka, Croatia

Longhare officially came to life on December 25th 2010 in Rijeka, Croatia.

The band’s sound invokes the grooves of 70s and early 80s heavy rock spiraling into all kinds of different twists and twirls; venturing into realms of doom, stoner, rock and roll, metal, progressive and beyond.

Longhare are: Gojo(guitar), Teo(vocals), Dodo(drums).
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Track Name: The High Computer[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)

Computer gods take over reins of Earth
Seed plastic dreams with plastic worth

Proprietors of space unseen, unreal
Failed not safe in perfect anonymity

Rising thrones of digital asperity
Breed high machines of virtual prosperity

Rise up!
To fall down!

Cold dark formulas invade our lives
Calculated men, now dwell in hives

In hard drive crypts stored immortality
Memory sticks, our plug-and-play mentality


Love is numbers, zeros and ones,
Blue is the red, through our veins that runs
Love is numbers, zeros and ones,
Blue is the red, through our veins that runs
Through our veins that runs!


Make the world one synthetic nation
Cripple our souls with prosthetic salvation
The high computer says…
Track Name: Greenhead[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)

Roll me a fatty and I’ll make you a dream
You’ll rise above float just underneath
I could be the answer but the question’s my mark
One lightning strike doesn’t end the night!
Oh no!

You love green above it all
You search and seek, you hide and prowl
What you’ve seen just made you tall
Still few feet more to unlock that door

If you weigh life in pleasure you’ll sure gain a few pounds
But then to take your own measure it may prove just to hard
Eyes can point direction, but the road’s in your head

If you’ve still got a question, think back to what’s been said


Unlock the door!

I’ve seen beyond just the eye, I watched myself fly so high!

But I still like cheap cold beer
Yeah I still like - cheap cold beer!
Track Name: Warpers[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo, Teo)

I wanna fly
Wanna burn
Take up to the sky

Warpers, burning through the sky

Take me, break free all that binds
Break me, blow out all young minds

Craft’s gonna roll
Crash our fate
Spinning out of all control

Warpers, burning through the sky


Last night at midnight, rockets cycles flying over my head
I went to sleep among strange flowers, floating for some time

Echoes of light, illuminating light years, phosphorescent blue clouds swirling
Turbulent gas storms, dockyard and portal
No man has ever seen

We could have died, but who are we anyway?
For only if a hand be severed can it grasp the sun’s burning heart!

Airmen of Aries
Suit up… and ignite!
Track Name: Come Heavy Sleep[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)
Through strange eyes with spirits I speak
As years pass by, my body grows weak
I know what no one else knows,
But it dies with me in a cavern below

In hunger traced weevils to your blossom abound
Your flowers smelled evil but so was my mind
I made love to you, your seed I had spread
In time of your harvest I waged war with my head

Now though I am lost it’s with you me is found
No matter the cost, I’m no more confound
Guide me through sleep, leave matter behind

Show me true sight through eyes that are blind


With my head…with my head…with my head… with my head!

The guards are all gone and I’m here all alone
But the keys to my cell, don’t hit the right tone
Through a hole in the stone wall
Mind’s transcending and that’s how I’m sending
Out myself into all the world


Come, come, come, come, come, come
Heavy sleep

Through strange eyes with spirits I speak
As years pass by, my body grows weak
I know what no one else knows,
But it dies with me in a cavern below

Track Name: Knife Fight![demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo, Teo)

Break sweat,
Pull out my blade
I’m in a knife fight!

Knife Fight!
Knife Fight!
Engaged in a knife fight!

Heavy blades of metal – piercing flesh!



You die…
You die in the knife fight…