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The second demo by Longhare, Hybernaut, opens with swooshing sci-fi themed metal tune Space Riders, moving with the progressive Heavy. It continues with the more conventional Silicone Bitch and tribalistic The Medicineman ending up stranded in cosmic progressive doom fest of Hybernaut. The lyrics are once again of satirical nature rich with symbolism dealing with moral, social and philosophical themes. All tracks feature Gordan (former Ashes You Leave) on drums and the last appearance of Srle on guitar.


released September 22, 2014

Gojo (guitar), Teo (vocals), Starac (bass), Srle (guitar), Gordan (drums)



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Longhare Rijeka, Croatia

Longhare officially came to life on December 25th 2010 in Rijeka, Croatia.

The band’s sound invokes the grooves of 70s and early 80s heavy rock spiraling into all kinds of different twists and twirls; venturing into realms of doom, stoner, rock and roll, metal, progressive and beyond.

Longhare are: Gojo(guitar), Teo(vocals), Dodo(drums).
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Track Name: Space Riders[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)
The architects of time and space
Ride out the astral gate
Wiping clean whole galaxies
Leaving not a trace

Black as the cosmos
Ships of woe arrive
Eclipse the sun and take the moon
Let be what must be done

Worlds will fall like grains of sand
Nothing close to what we planned
Making of catastrophe
But man’s long gone in atrophy

Lords of men they flee the Earth
But there is no escape
Armageddon, kingdom come
All are equal not just some!

Ships made of black steel
Galactic titans rise
Firepower of the end
Mankind’s rule revised

Like autumn winds, the heralds of cold
Came quaking seas with waves of old
Chilling screams drift in the air
Souls are lost, man in despair
Space riders!
Track Name: Heavy[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)
The man is oh so heavy
All thought come from his belly
The earth he treads so heavy
They told me on the telly

So slow, much too heavy

Gotta get your head down so heavy
Feel your feet just like jelly
But that’s alright, that is the way
True living’s free, you don’t have to pay

Your mind is like a bird but your feet are made of stone
You thought you knew it all, but in the end you’re all alone
Some call it livin’, some call it rock’n’roll
Remember wear it light; don’t dress in what you stole!
Track Name: Silicone Bitch[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo)
She got it all but she’s out for more
An apple not far from the tree
Out of bore she’d buy a store
She got men down by their knees

Silicone bitch, your daddy must be rich!
Ooh silicone bitch, your daddy must be rich!

Life is a dream world with doors wide open
Her friends are elite and so well chosen
Sure daddy’s so tall in his high-octane ball
For his precious doll he’d gone sold his soul


Silicone bitch, you eat the rich!

One hundred pairs of shiny heels
Aren’t all that she could ask for
Before TV eyes with camera smiles
It’s a prison of trend and fashion
Track Name: The Medicineman[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo, Mustac)
The Forest knows I'm there
Its spirit hears my prayer
Whispers of the plants
That summon other worlds

Navajo tribes
Are one with The Flow
The cycles of our time
Envelop one and all

Liquid state of mind
A journey to unknown
There's no turning back
Once the seed was sown

Past the border gates
Transcending time and space
Joined the planet caravans
He reached the altered state

Burning apparition is a message from the gods
All-seeing Manitou whispering my name

People oh they say that's how you should
But I say make your way make real for you
Track Name: Hybernaut[demo]
(Lyrics by Gojo, Teo)
Ages so old - the astronomer's dream
To take leave, the astral key
Where to next and what will be
Oh, there are mountains in our sky we just can’t see

It’s said that fortune favors the bold
Nigh is the hour, time to stand brave
To warpers dock!
Planets spinning off drift to the stars
Free from orbit, afloat in space empty, unknown

Preparation, expectation
What will be, oh what will become of me
I drench my soul with formless magic
And with control of the seismic blow
I rip this life, it’s fabric; And so I go, so I go

Pain, I’ve been brave
A hybernaut in naked slumber
Brave, I’m in pain
No time, no space, no trick, illusion

Haüser gates await me
God, they’re full of stars
Haüser gates absorb me
How bright we all are